Saturday, March 14, 2020

Compare and contrast Duke Ellington Essays

Compare and contrast Duke Ellington Essays Compare and contrast Duke Ellington Essay Compare and contrast Duke Ellington Essay Louis Armstrong composed hotter than that for the hot five, the band him and his wife (the manger) were in. The piece was written for a trumpet, trombone, scat vocals, clarinet, banjo, piano and guitar. Duke Longtime however composed for a much bigger group of instruments consisting of alto sax, clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano and double bass. As Louis Armstrong was writing in the New Orleans style within hotter than that there was collective improvisation used, however this was not Seibel for duke Elongations kook as was written for many more instruments. Both Duke Longtime and Louis Armstrong used instrumental techniques in their pieces . However they both differed in what type they used. Armstrong uses lots of vibrato smears rips and fall-offs. Longtime however used mutes to create his techniques as his instrumentation included trombones. He used the plunger mute to create a way way sound and also the pixie mute which creates a buzz sound. Louis Armstrong wrote in 32 bar sonata form with 3 32 bar choruses then a duet and link followed by a 4th 32 bar chorus then a odd. Duke Longtime however did not compose in the form but wrote in 12 bar blues from. This was an introduction followed by 7, 12 bar choruses and finally a coda. Louis Armstrong hotter than that is written in E flat major and Duke Elongations kook is written in E flat minor. These keys reinforce the pieces mood with Duke Longtime writing a kind of jungle mood. Duke Longtime also used a lot of dissonant harmony. Louis Armstrong however used mainly primary chords.

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