Thursday, December 12, 2019

Inductive Method free essay sample

The main criticism of the inductive method is that is not a valid means of obtaining proof. Steps of Inductive Method 1. Preparation 2. Presentation 3. Comparison amp; Abstraction 4. Generalization 5. Application Types of Inductive Teaching and Learning * Inquiry-based learning Students are presented with a challenge which will require knowledge that has not been completely covered. * Discovery learning: Students are presented with a challenge and left to work out the solution on their own. Students learn to use trial and error to analyze and resolve their findings. The instructor may provide limited feedbac * Project-based learning:Students are presented with an assignment that requires that they design or produce a deliverable. *Case-base learning: Students are presented with real-life scenarios, or cases, in which they hypothetically assume various roles. The cases tend to be very well structured filled with elaborate details to incorporate many of the variables real-life problems contain. Republic of the Philippines Naval State University Naval, Biliran Semi-detailed Lesson Plan In Science III

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