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Modernism in Australia During the Interwar Period

Design a modern country Modernism in Australia during the interwar period Yiting Zheng 7270585 Faculty of Life and Social Science Though the start of the modernisation may trace back to the beginning of Industrial Revolution. â€Å"Modernism in the design world did not exist in a fully developed form, until well after First World War.† (Wilk, 2006) Causing the great loss of lives and other countless damage to the world, it reshaped many people’s way of thinking the world. With the inspiration of early avant-garde movement, the modernism began to emerge advocating an utopian future and shared certain core principles by various styles of modernists: rejecting the past and applied ornament; forms follow function, a preference for†¦show more content†¦Fg5. Yule House Another notable building is also located in Melbourne, on Little Collin St, the Yule House. As one of the earliest modern architecture in Australia, its style that features bands of glass set in geometric patterns of fixed and opening panes, a terracotta surface and dominant spandrels extending well beyond the surface. (Johnson, 2002) Both buildings were constructed under the Great Depression and their completion incorporating new material, new technology and new style signified â€Å"the clouds of financial gloom were already lifting† (â€Å"History -† n.d.) and boosted the morale fighting against the depression.The two building are well preserved and still in function in 21st century. The new technology to create mass production enabled the profession as a commercial graphic designer which stands for a significant aspect of modernism in Australia. In fact, the first appearance of the term â€Å"Graphic Design† is not until 1922, in an American book designer William Dwiggins’ essay â€Å"New kinds of printing calls for new design†. (Drucker, 2009) Prior to that, the concept of graphic design such as poster design was not seen as a general commercial advertising medium. â€Å"The ‘poster style’ was almost completely confined to the covers of art exhibition catalogues and literary periodicals, and to advertisements in these publications.†Show MoreRelatedModernism, Modernity and Modernisation: Urban Growth in Melbourne Between the Wars1533 Words   |  7 Pagesexhibitions and publications, Australia first came into contact with Modernism in the mid-1910s. The modernist movement in Australia was at it’s most influe ntial for over five decades, including global wars, economic depression, technological advances and massive social change. ( This article, however, will be focusing on Australia’s development of Modernity, Modernisation and Modernism between the inter-war period of 1919 to 1939. WithRead MoreImpact Of Technology And Design On Modernisation Of Melbourne During The Interwar Period Of 1919-19391617 Words   |  7 Pagestechnology and design on the modernisation of Melbourne during the interwar period of 1919-1939, you are able to capture a lot about how Australian design advanced largely through such a small time frame. â€Å"Modern is the aspect in which you take in the present time, to look forward into the future, and not look back† (2014, ilearn). It is where designers are able to explore new ideas rather than continuing on with the ones from the past. However modernism may have many meanings, but it largely expresses

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